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Best PC Game In 2012? List Of Most Anticipated Games Set To Release In 2012

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2012 will be releasing some highly anticipated games this year. One of the top titles has already launched in early March, that being Mass Effect 3. Here is my list of the top titles to look for once they make their mark in 2012.

Mass Effect 3
I couldn’t write this best games list without including an awesome game that has already released. Mass Effect 3 is an amazing accomplishment on Biowares part and it may likely be the last in the series. Lets hope not though.

Roleplaying: Diablo 3
Diablo 3 may very well be the leader of the pack when it comes to the BIGGEST game set to release in 2012. The long awaited sequel is set to launch on May 15, 2012. The game stirred up some recent controversy when Blizzard announced that their would be no multi-player out of the box, but would be patched at a later date. My humble opinion is that if the box has the word Diablo on it it shouldn’t effect sales.

Action: Max Payne 3
Max Payne 3 has risen from the gaming scene in recent months after years of silence about the project. The screenshots have left many people puzzled, including myself, with the protagonist(Max) looking nothing like he did in the first two games.

Strategy: Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
As expected the next game in the beloved Starcraft series was delayed by Blizzard. Gamers like myself didn’t mind mainly because all the attention/pressure is aimed at Diablo 3 at the moment. The game is expected to introduce new units for multiplayer as well as a lengthy campaign specifically designed for the Zerg race.

First Person Shooter: BioShock Infinite
The next game in the Bioshock series is taking a new turn in it’s setting. As the original two took place well beneath the earth Infinite takes place well above it. I personally am looking forward to this because I had some harsh opinions about Bioshock 2. Bioshock 2 did not feel like a new game to me despite any of it’s differences. It felt short, and looked EXACTLY the same. I can’t say I hated it though.

Massive Multiplayer Online(MMO): TERA
Just when you thought The Old Republic buried the production of anymore Fantasy themed MMO’s, Tera is coming back into the scene as it comes nearer to release. The game had a strikingly similar resemblance to Aion, but since Aion’s plummet in player base many are now looking at Tera to be the new leader out of the Fantasy based MMORPG’s. I chose not to give the award to Guild Wars 2 because it is a free to play title.

Best OVERALL: Diablo 3
Blizzard has a big 2012 planned with a new World of Warcraft expansion as well as the new Starcraft II game. But those two games are more expansion-ish titles. With how long this game has been in production, how could Diablo 3 not be the most highly anticipated game of 2012? Let’s hope Blizzard poured everything they got into the game. Get ready for mayhem come May 15th.

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