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Samsung Galaxy S III – The Best Smartphone Ever

June 16 3 comments

Talking about the best smartphone is talking about the Samsung Galaxy S III period! The Samsung’s new flagship phone with a super sharp 4.8 inch screen is just something that the IPhone can not compete.

Yes, there’re plenty alternatives when you take a look at the new smartphones. They’re cool, sophisticated but they always have at least one handicap: due to their thin housing, they’re missing the opportunity for memory expansion. That’s not the case with the Samsung Galaxy S III fortunately.

The Samsung Galaxy S III with a giant screen at 4.8 inches, a quad-core processor with four times the 1.4 gigahertz, a slot for Micro SD cards up to 64 gigabytes – is more than enough reasons to pick the Galaxy S III out of the crowd.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the second smartphone featuring a quad core processor after HTC’s flagship model, the HTC One X. Although these two phones are equipped with quad core processor but these two work very differently. The Galaxy S III’s Exynos processor features a fifth “core savings” for basic functions such as e-mail or SMS.

Samsung claimed that the four quad Exynos needs 20 percent less power than its dual-core predecessor, which is installed in the Galaxy II. This is achieved in addition to the intelligent power management with the advanced 32 nanometer design of the chip. Not least, the battery can be replaced.

In terms of storage, the HTC One X’s user depend entirely on its internal storage while a plug-in slot for memory cards can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S III under the battery cover that supports chips with up to 64 gigabytes: twice as much as at present! Internally, the Galaxy S III is available on version 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes – while most rivals offered only with a 16 gigabyte.

Other than that, buyer of Samsung Galaxy S III will be offered with 50GB Dropbox, while HTC buyers “only” 25 gigabytes.

Samsung Galaxy S III’s Display Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the first smartphone with 4.8-inch screen, which is the largest among its rivals. Thanks to 720 x 1280 pixels on the panel is 145 pixels per square millimeter (306 ppi). This is a very good value, but not top.

The Super AMOLED display technology used in the S III, however, has advantages and disadvantages. Because the pixels may be illuminated from behind to himself rather than as on LCD, the contrast is spectacular: the black is really black, because the corresponding pixels are turned off completely it delivers brilliant colors, and better readability for outdoors.

Basically AMOLED focusing screens are little less sharp than LCD screens. Potential critics, however, the S III takes the wind out of sails: With a huge 4.8-inch display that is much more space than is available about the 3.5-inch screen of an iPhone 4S. Labels in the menu or on the home screen, for example, are therefore large, so the discussion of the uncertainty matrix Tile Pen in practice does not even arise. It does matter the size!


As for the rest of the equipment, it is sufficient in principle to note that virtually everything is on board, which is state of the art. GPS, WiFi n, including the 5-GHz band, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and HSPA for downloads at up to 21 and send data with a maximum of 5.76 megabits per second.

The iPhone is known as the easiest to use mobile phone. Quite the contrary: Samsung Galaxy S III is not made for simplicity, but focus on individual preferences.

In terms of software, the Samsung Galaxy S III offers many interesting features such as S-BeamSmart Stay and S-Voice.

Basically, the “S Beam” combines the functions of Android 4; data can be transferred to another mobile phone with the fast Wi-Fi Direct. So that large files like photos, videos or music can be easily exchanged between mobile phones.

The “Smart Stay” is controlled via the front camera; it prevents the activation of timed standby mode when user facing the phone. In this way, the focusing screen is never dark, for example, while reading a web page.

The “S-Voice” is clearly the counterpart of Siri.


Samsung Galaxy S 3 300x211 Samsung Galaxy S III   The Best Smartphone EverIn terms of camera, Samsung has indeed never been outdone. In addition to 13 scene programs such as “Night,” “Sports, Party / Indoor” or “sunset” there are geotagging, self portrait, self-timer, three color effects. When focusing the user can choose between auto focus, macro and face detection, in addition to the shooting range, HDR, smile, beauty, scenery and cartoon offered. Manual adjustment is possible for the exposure, white balance and ISO speed (100 to 800). It is also possible to increase the screen lighting in camera mode (“outdoor visibility”). On the back lit LED short range, the front camera takes pictures up to 1392 x 1392 pixels or 1.94 megapixels.

Although the autofocus takes every motive to change automatically, but users can still manually arrange for a tip on the shutter another focus. Only when he takes off his finger, the photo is taken. The shutter lag is less than a hundredth of a second and thus is not practically noticeable.

Photos with a maximum resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels or 7.99 megapixels converted successfully: This is one of the best things you can buy in this league. However, the color noise is a little higher than some of the Sony Xperia phones.

Moving images recorded by the S III in HD, so with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Thanks to 30 frames per second movements are generally smoothly, but even slow pans produce an unpleasant flickering. In addition, the auto focus moves so well as to permanently, resulting in irritating picture relapses. The stereo sound is excellent despite the data rate of 128 kilobits per second.

In the music playback, audio files can be sorted by title, artist, album and folders. Instead of an arrangement according to genre, the S III features the “Music Square”: Here are 5 x 5 squares symbolize the songs and arrange them horizontally on from “passionate” and “cheerful” and vertically “calm” to “exciting”. The app also automatically logs the “most frequently reproduced,” “recently reproduced” and “recently added” title.

Comfort vs. Features

With the 4.8-inch display screen, the dimension of Samsung Galaxy S III is almost 71 x 137 x 8.7 mm. Indeed, it is loss the mobility function, but it is offer comfort and fun: Whether you read web pages, videos viewed or photographed – the Galaxy S III delivers a great experience.

Very well in the final note, however, the processing flow. And that is when S III was outstanding. One can think about using polycarbonate material as the housing, whatever you want, but the plastic battery cover will not budge, not wobble or creak: There is no reason for complaint. Other materials such as aluminum would not only increase the weight, but also complicates the use of NFC.

In terms of housing materials, the Galaxy S III shines nowhere near the quality of an iPhone 4S, but also has more on the box. Compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy II, S III has indeed risen by around 15 percent in volume, the screen is the same but become larger by 22.


The operating system Android is 4.0.4, on the Samsung sets its standard interface called TouchWiz. The control logic is a little different than the one-off models from HTC: the latter have three sensor surfaces underneath the touch screen, “Home” and “Back” are also present in the S III. The third button can be reached via a long press of the mechanical key in the middle.

Conclusion on Samsung Galaxy S III Review

Customers who buy their phones to design considerations are likely to achieve with the Samsung Galaxy S III hardly inconspicuous to the appearance of the low polycarbonate housing. On the other hand, it has its own advantages like reduced weight and better antenna.

The 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display is extremely sharp and provides a lot of fun, whether you are reading news or videos viewed.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S III is without a doubt the best smartphone on the market!

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