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Why To Buy Sony PlayStation 3D Display

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Not prepared to spend big on a 3DTV? The Sony PlayStation 3D display could be a cheaper solution to embracing the visual innovation. It’s not the only reason you will want to spend your money though… Read more…

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

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As nostalgia sets in, we can only think back to the day when the Apple iPad was first unveiled, seeing that it was a groundbreaking moment in time for general computing. Besides witnessing an intuitive experience on a tablet level, which wasn’t necessarily seen before its time, the one thing that impressed people most about it was its highly competitive $500 starting price point. Read more…

Advantages of Buying Android Tablets

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Currently, Android market is at its full swing giving strong competition to iPad. While iPad supporters are adapted to it for their love for the brand, most others will agree that tablet features all compatible features and flexibility at much affordable prices. In present computer mobile era where our life revolves around sharing lots of information, tablets are emerging as easy to carry communication and entertainment device and Read more…

World’s First Gaming Tablet By Gaikai With Collaboration With WikiPad

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Tablet is now a quite popular gadget among the public, it encourages Gaikai to make the gaming world’s first tablet.  Few days ago, Gaikai cloud services say they are working with WikiPad to create the world’s first gaming tablet.  Although most tablets on the market have a gaming capability, but design tablet from WikiPad and Gaikai will support the accessories activities of gaming like gamepad.  This gaming tablet platform will make the tablet as a client for cloud gaming service that can be played using the touch of a finger.

As quoted from Tomsguide, this gaming tablet has exhibited a prototype at CES 2012 in January and equipped with analog sticks on each side and a D-pad.  This gaming tablet has specifications of a touch screen measuring 10.1 inches and has supported high-definition video playback and 3D support without using additional glasses.  This gaming tablet is also powered by quad-core processors with capable graphics as well as using the Android operating system.  Gaikai complement their gaming tablet with HDMI and USB port and has a storage capacity up to 8GB and SD card slot.

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Dell’s first ultrabook is off to a strong start, offering some hope for the new class of skinny laptops. An extraordinary machine. Designed with strength in form and beauty in function. Each element precision-crafted to bring you an experience that’s premium in every way.

Watch The Dell XPS 13 UltraBook Review By Mobile Tech

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Logitech G11 Keyboard Review

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“Oh, my god! This is an enormous keyboard” was the very first expression of mine when I saw the box of Logitech G11 keyboard. Impressively it was a giant keyboard with 21.5” length and 10.25” width, but has a cool and attractive look.

With the significant design of Logitech G11, it includes 18 macro keys which of the each held 3 modes and so it offers the capability of 54 extra keys besides the 104 standard keys. As this High-tech featured keyboard gives us 54 additional key functions, your curiosity may compel you to read this review and for sure the time you spend here will never be a waste. Latest version of the Logitech gamers’ keyboard or the advanced version of Logitech G11 will be released in near future, but unfortunately at a high price level.

Simply, Logitech G11 is a keyboard which was specially designed for gamers and power users. This gaming keyboard has a unique design with the keys of high quality, provides an excellent gaming experience. Not only the size of the keys, but also the positions of the keys, enhance the effectiveness and the efficiency as well. If there is a keyboard which created almost with perfect key functions, this is it. This Logitech G11 fulfills two main requirements of a gaming keyboard that 100% accurate functionality and extra comfort. These two key features directly impact to improve your consciousness in gaming nature. Another specialty is that the blue backlighting effect which helps you to play the games or perform any process while you are in the dark and this cool and awesome feature definitely helps you to enjoy the gaming nature in dark.

Macro keys, the main feature of Logitech G11, were named as “G keys” and in the top of the keyboard there are some media keys. When you go through the keys, you will observe the lack of the media keys which are useless and the G keys can be functioned in multimedia purposes too. As the quick launch buttons induce the laziness, Logitech G11 developers haven’t included them in the keyboard and the other interesting feature is that you can disable the standard function keys such as Right Selection key and Windows key in order to prevent the accidentally quit yourself from the game. Three backlight levels as off, low and high can be adjusted by using the backlight button which placed on the right side of the keyboard and near that button you will find the mute button as well.

The first and foremost gaming experience which I had with this Logitech G11 was experienced on Red Dead Redemption. When I play the game, I feel the difference because the keys don’t click or clack and they are not too stiff or too soft. Also the playing game was quite enjoyable than before and I was able to play the game with smooth and very comfortable as this Logitech G11 keyboard was specially designed for gamers. When we discuss about its design, its weight also higher than the normal keyboards and the weight of 3.9 lbs helps to prevent the movements of the keyboard while playing a game. Logitech G11 keyboard’s accurate functioning and quick responsiveness was significantly enhanced the gaming experience of mine and I think it was the best gaming experience which I ever had.

Logitech G11 was designed with a USB 2.0 hub, but USB 1.1 unpowered port was placed in the back panel of the keyboard and so you don’t want to consume your time in searching bandwidth of USB 2.0. Special software must be installed to configure the G keys and media keys and though this software isn’t available, the Logitech G11 keyboard functions perfectly as a normal keyboard.

Frankly, I found a minor drawback and it is that if you are not a perfect typist or a touch typist, though this Logitech G11’s backlight gives an attractive look to your PC; you can’t use the keyboard with the backlights in a lighted condition. This is because its lighting effects are not tolerable to the necked eye.

I think that the gamers are the best matching users for this Logitech G11 keyboard and non gamers also will benefit through this keyboard as this gives a magnificent attraction to the PC. I believe that if you don’t own a Logitech G11 you will definitely try your best to own a cool and attractive gaming gadget like this. If you are a first person shooter gamer (FPS gamer), you will be able to have more benefits of this keyboard when compared to a person who plays strategy games.

Don’t you think this gaming keyboard fits your style? Lets us know by comments below.

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Xbox 360 4GB – Free Fun for Everyone

June 17 2 comments

The Xbox 360 4GB is a slim version. With only 4GB, most players may think that it’s a bad choice. However, that is not the case. Xbox allows game saves, downloads and installs to USB flash drives. You can still enjoy despite the small memory. With the fun that everyone could get from the Xbox 360 4GB, it is safe to say that it is a good buy for $200. Here is a short review on this console system.

Xbox 360 4GB Review: Build and Design

This console system is slim. It has side vents that prevent overheating. It comes with a digital audio port, which helps if you use a separate surround sound. If there is a downside of the size or slimness of the Xbox 360 4GB, it’s the compatibility issues. You cannot use old Xbox hard drives that you used in bulky Xbox models simply because they are not compatible with the Xbox 360 4GB. The button for opening the disc tray is not depressed and may feel like too sensitive.

Xbox 360 Review: Features

The Xbox 360 slim comes with a 46b flash memory. There are five USB ports three of which are at the back. These help especially that saving games into USB flash drives is highly recommended and preferred by lots of users. It has several features that the older Xbox models don’t have. First, it has a Valhalla chip. It is not the best because there is the Jasper chip but it still better than others because it prevents some technical problems or better known as RRoD. Second, the Xbox 360 4GB uses a new Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi N. it is much faster than others. You will need the right router to enjoy the improved speed. If you have been using PS3, you may feel that the manufacturer lacks effort regarding the graphics on the Xbox 360 4GB. However, the difference is not of a great extent. The PS3’s better graphics is due mainly on its better processor but the Xbox 360 4GB is way better when it comes to multiplayer games.


The Xbox 360 4g is slim. However, its size made it incompatible with old hard drives. There are side vents to avoid overheating and it comes with several USB ports which are convenient for saving games. It has a new chip which is better than others but still not the best. It also uses the new Wi-Fi N which is faster.

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